Jun 012015

Having received the following email, I’ve decided to give up on the blog and write a problem page instead* “I wonder do you ever HATE writing, want to give it up and wonder why you ever thought you could do it? I am at the worst point of writing I have ever been at…feel deflated, rubbish and like I am just wasting my time…just wondered if this is normal and if so if you have any tips for getting through it…” Dear Writer Do I hate writing? We should first remind ourselves what writing is – who was it that said that writing is just the simple matter of staring at a blank screen until your forehead bleeds? Of course I hate writing. Everyone hates writing. I remember listening to an interview with John Lennon, where he said he  wished he could be something useful and worthwhile, like a fisherman. I’ve spent the last three weeks watching workmen rebuild the front half of my house. Imagine ending each working day being able to see the changes you’ve effected. And have other people see them too. Sometimes I work all day and I end up with 400 words less than I started with. And even if I finish ahead, there’s only me and my word count facility that know it. Emily Diamand, the children’s writer, once said to me, ‘If you can, quit.’ Being a writer means hours and hours and hours of wondering if you’re going mad, alone, distracted, listening to the ….. read full article and comment

 June 1, 2015