Jun 042014
Writing is Rewriting*

Ah yes, editing. Part of a process to make sure that your story, setting and characters are interesting enough to warrant you spending a million hours revisiting them. If they aren’t, you’ll get bored. And if you’re bored, you can bet your last chipstick your reader left the building a long time ago. I actually love editing because the pressure is gone. Once you’ve gone eyeball to eyeball with a blank screen and the thought, I need 90 000 words, anything after is child’s play. Not that editing is straightforward, although some people can make it sound so. Stephen King received a rejection note early on in his career with the words: Second draft = First draft – 10% Which is a simple equation, although, as a friend recently pointed out, doesn’t mean you can just lop off the end. But crossing out one in ten words sounds easy peasy. Where’s the blood, sweat and tears in that? Perhaps those who write novels of over a hundred and eighty thousand words deserve an easier time in the edit. For me, usually reaching the end of my first draft, bedraggled and sweaty,  with a mere 60 000 or so words,  the equation is more like: Second draft = First draft/32 + wtf – 30 000 * 20 + ffs + 75% Whatever your formula, so long as it works for you it’s no one’s business. I got a new job last year, as an editor for Cornerstones. I’m paid to read ….. read full article and comment

 June 4, 2014