Feb 052015
New Year, New Book, New Hairstyle.

My next book comes out on February 17th 2015. February 17th is one of my favourite days of the year,  and it seems apt to have a book called My Time Has Come coming out on my birthday. I will be officially middle aged, but I am cheered up by the fact that my bottom still looks good in a pair of three quarter length jeans.* This is the third book in the Lily Appleyard Series (The first two are, respectively, Our Father Who Art Out There…Somewhere and Shallow Be Thy Grave). And it feels like a bit of a milestone. The first two felt like a fluke. They were books that had to be written, books I couldn’t help but write. The first was fuelled by anger, the second by grief as I came to terms with the fact I was never going to meet my birth father, nor any of his family. The third though is different. I didn’t have to write this book. [That’s not to say I’ve run out of issues, heavens, no] But this book is pure fantasy, written purely for entertainment purposes. Entertaining myself first and foremost and hopefully through that, others. It’s the book that  tells me I’m not driven to write, I love to write. To celebrate there’s a book launch as part of the Headingley Lit Fest. It’s on Thursday 19th March 2015, at Headingley Library. It’s hosted by the gorgeous poet James Nash and there will be wine as well as ….. read full article and comment

 February 5, 2015